ACUA – Run

ACUA is a young, german psychedelic band with spacey guitars, rough synths and driving, impulsive drums. Dreamy Vocals are embedded in a colourful, nostalgic desire. It consist of Patrick (Guitar/vox), Caroline (drums) and Igor (Bass and Synths).

Existing for just about a year, they played their first festival shows and over 40 concerts already, including gigs in UK, the Netherlands and a Canada Tour – including 10 gigs in cities like Vancouver and Toronto – as well as Support Slots for FKJJapanese House and OMNI.

The new single Run was written in one night while lying on the back next to the mediterranean sea and watching the sky. It’s about a person who starts to run from the last row, trying to find his way, without knowing if it’s the right thing for him to do. “But they show, you’re too slow, let it go, and you know, that it’s not for someone like you.” – A long and stressful trip full of questions, full of self-doubts, but focusing on his feelings. The only thing he knows is that he feels the warmth when running “straight to the sun”.

The combination of moving guitars and a melodic bassline in the beginning develops into a driving, poppy hook, and ends in an even more hooky, but very rough bassline-solo. The instruments reflect the different emotions – the ups and downs of this long journey.

The Song comes with a hand-painted, trippy and colourful animation-video by Australians Tessa Chong and Lee Arkapaw, who already gained some attention across the animation and art scene with other video works.

“German Art Rock of melting instrumentation and electronica filtered through a gauze affording the songs an otherworldly texture.” – Emerging Bands, Dublin


Yeasayer – O.N.E.

The band’s three core members, Chris Keating (born 1981/1982), Ira Wolf Tuton (born 1979/1980), and Anand Wilder (born 1982/1983), first came to attention after appearing at the SXSW festival in early 2007.  Keating and Wilder had previously met and begun performing together while in high school, at the Park School of Baltimore (the alma mater of fellow experimental musicians Animal Collective).

The band’s lineup is relatively unique, with Keating and Wilder both serving as lead vocalists and principal songwriters and the band producing the songs together as a unit. Wilder, who began playing cello when he was four, described their songwriting styles to Pitchfork: “When I write a song, I’m always thinking of the harmonies; for me the song doesn’t really exist without the harmonies. For example, Forgiveness would be a really boring melody without the choir behind it. Chris resisted any formal musical training, but his sense of melody and songcraft is just astounding.”

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